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Other examples of cases we encounter

Judicial Debt Collection

Your claim has priority and is not disputed
Justice will deploy a fast and tight procedure to achieve results on a very short term. Is there really no time to waste? Then we will be able to take direct pre-emptive action and secure your claim by requesting a sequestration; this 'freezes' the assets of your debtor by court order, assuring your funds will not disappear in the midst of a procedure.

What to do with small amounts?
Chasing small amounts can form a dilemma. Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Justice offers a very direct approach for these situations, making it worth the while to take action. More and more organizations prefer this approach, as they feel they should be fairly rewarded for small amounts as well as big ones, and send a signal to their clients that small invoices need to be paid as well.

Your debtor will receive multiple notices of default reminding him to pay your claim(s). In case this still doesn't persuade them to pay, we can take these cases to court against transparent costs. For large numbers of small claims, we can even offer you a price guarantee for all judicial procedures Justice conducts on your behalf.

Filing for bankruptcy
Filing for bankruptcy of your client can be a powerful means of forcing somebody to pay. This however requires a careful approach as the situation differs per case. In every case, we will find the right strategy for you, as well as deliver a solid cost-benefit analysis before taking any further action.

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