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Collecting your debt in The Netherlands

You're a company, institution or organization not located in The Netherlands and find yourself dealing with a Dutch debtor who isn't paying their debt to you.

This can cause a problem, as you will now often have to deal with Dutch laws that will most probably be completely unknown to you. Debt Collection Agency Justice solves this problem, being fully able to operate in The Netherlands and collect your claim.

Please contact us today to get started with collecting your Dutch debt. Or find more information about matters of importance in the following information:

Which laws apply?
First of all, we will need to determine which law applies, as this could be both your local laws or Dutch laws. This of course makes a big difference on how to proceed. However, in most cases, Dutch law would be preffered. After all, if you would receive a beneficial verdict in your country of residence, it would in most cases have no value in The Netherlands and therefore cannot be enforced.

Do we immediately have to go to court?
No, the legal system in The Netherlands provides for a step in between called an extrajudicial procedure. This means that Debt Collection Agency Justice can contact your client and pressure them to pay; this of course is always strictly bound by what is legal. In this phase, your client will know that you've now got a Dutch party working for you, virtually eliminating his chances of getting away with not paying your invoice. Read more about Dutch law and procedures.

What costs will Justice charge me?
Don't worry. All our extrajudicial procedures are based on the No cure No pay concept. If we can't collect, we won't charge you a thing. And, if we do collect, we'll only be awarded our debt collection fee which is normally paid for by your client. Read more about this on the No cure No pay page.

What happens if the extrajudicial phase fails?
If Justice can't persuade your debtor to pay your invoices after all our efforts, there is always the option of taking the case to court. Although the No cure No pay concept does not apply here, we will be able to make you a reasonable offer to represent you in your case. As soon as we receive a beneficial verdict, we have all legal options available to enforce the verdict and force your debtor to pay. Read more about court procedures.

I want to learn more about the Dutch legal system
Although Justice will represent you in every case and offers over 25 years of experience, we understand that you want to get to know a bit more about the legal system you are about to enter. Please read more about Dutch law and Procedures, or contact us directly to ask a your questions yourself.

Bottom line is, you won't have to be afraid that you cannot collect your debts simply because you're not located in The Netherlands. Debt Collection Agency Justice has all the international experience you need to make sure we will be able to defend your interests here. We would like to get to know your challenge, please contact us today!

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