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Collecting your debts in Europe

If your company, organization or institution is located outside of Europe, you can find yourself wondering if you will ever be able to collect your debts in this part of the world. Especially if you are dealing with several European customers in different countries, you'll probably be worrying that you won't have any legal protection if a conflict about payment arises with one of these parties.

Debt Collection Agency Justice solves this challenge
Offering over 25 years of international experience in debt collection, both extrajudicial as through court procedures, Justice is your match. The fact that we're located in The Netherlands offers a considerable benefit; as this country can be deemed as one of the most internationally oriented European countries and forms a perfect base for all your European operations.

What can be defined as Europe?
This may seem like a simple question, but is in fact a bit harder to anwer. Europe obviously is a continent, from a legal perspective however, multiple answers can be provided to answer this question.

Most commonly known is the European Union, which consists of 27 European member countries. Then there's the Eurozone, sharing the same currency, consisting out of 17 countries. On top of that, there are countless bilateral and multilateral cooperations between European countries. This complicated structure can often make it hard to know which laws apply, which treaties can be used and where to take your case to court. 

In order to solve this complexity for our international clients, Debt Collection Agency has created a Pan-European network of cooperating Debt Collection Agencies. This allows us to share information amongst each other and exactly know which route to take in which specific case. Saving you considerable time and effort in figuring this out on yourself.

Choose for a single point of debt collection contact
Upon selecting Debt Collection Agency Justice as your preferred European partner for debt collection, you gain the benefit of having to work with only 1 partner for all your European affairs. We will be able to perform extrajudicial and court procedures for you, no matter where in Europe your debtor is located.

Contact us now to get to know us personally, or send us your question about your specific case. We are looking forward to representing your financial interests in Europe.

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