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Collecting small claims

Justice has developed a special approach to successfully collect small claims in a fast and powerful extrajudicial procedure. This focus has a special meaning to our organization, as it formed our founding business model in 1989. All knowledge gained since that moment has been saved in our knowledge database. This is done in a flexible IT infrastructure that allows us to deploy a very effective claim collection procedure without having to take the case to court.

Your debtor can be motivated to pay in many ways which we will determine together with you. Writing letters, sending emails, even sending text messages and contacting them on Saturdays and in the evening. Did both parties commit to payment terms? Then we will remind them of this regularly.

It's always our goal to keep these small claims out of the court system. Our debt collection strategy is therefore focused on offering several possibilities for your debtor to pay his debt. However, as a unique part of our services, we are able to - if all efforts would fail - take your case to court even for very small claims.

As our client, you will be offered the financial guarantee of a predefined fixed price for which we will work through the entire judicial procedure. This means that defaulting clients will receive subpoena's more often, even when it's for a small amount.

You're the one who profits:

  • The reliability of a fast, powerful and successful procedure
  • Low pricing
  • A single point of contact with an experienced and knowledgeable expert
  • A transparent working model
  • 24/7 secured online access to all files in your case
  • A court procedure for a fixed and low fee

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