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Initial procedure

The last phase before you actually decide to transfer your claim to a debt collection agency. This is often a difficult moment.

Your relation with your client might have become a bit tense; you want your invoice to be paid, while at the same time retaining your relation or at least your reputation. You're probably looking for a balanced approach to build up the pressure. Debt Collection Agency Justice informs you on these situations, even offering a smart step in between before you actually transfer your claim to us.

In the last payment reminder send from your company, you can explicitly mention the fact that you will transfer the claim to Debt Collection Agency Justice if the invoice remains unpaid. Do you want to offer a very last chance after this moment? Justice can send a so called Notice of Default. This is send on your behalf, but with our company logo and envelope.

This letter offers your client a very last opportunity to pay their debt to you directly, without facing debt collection costs. Of course you're free in this stadium, to charge any administration fee and lost interest. If this step would still be unsuccessful, then it's time for the debt collection procedure. Ask us for a free advice now or register yourself for free!

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