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Debt Collection Services

Payment morale didn't improve much over the last years. Invoices are often paid overdue. Companies, institutions and consumers experience an increased number of invoices being paid too late or not at all.

As a side-effect of a global economy that still finds itself in turmoil, you may see an increase in badly or nonpaying customers. With your commercial interests in the back of your head, you're probably waiting against odds until your invoice is paid. Meanwhile, your liquidity is suffering, as your bills do need to be paid in time.

Debt Collection Agency offers a balanced approach in getting your claims paid. What is the right moment to start a debt collection procedure? When are you waiting too long or too short? Is it smart to push a bit more for yourself? Or is outsourcing a better alternative? Justice possesses over 25 years of experience in our financial industry, ensuring a no-nonsense and knowledgeable approach in all work we do for you. Your client relation - often exceeding the timeframe of a single claim - will not be forgotten. Does it help if we go and visit your client? We will, both in Holland as abroad.

Are you in need of receiving a free advice for a current claim? Don't hesitate to contact us. Do you want to hand over the collection procedure to us at this moment or later? Register yourself for free on our website. You'll find all information concerning our approach on step 3 of our homepage.

Of course you're always welcome to speak with one of our specialists if you first want to talk things through. We are available by phone during Dutch office hours (GMT+1) at +31(0)10-4148755. You can also fill in our intake form, we'll then contact you within one business day.

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